American woman received her diploma 71 years after admission

(ORDO NEWS) — Joy Dafoe is the most unusual student from Illinois. 71 years passed from the moment she entered the university to the moment she received her diploma! She took the exams together with girls who looked like her great-granddaughters.

It wasn’t that Joyce didn’t want to learn or that learning was difficult for her, there was nothing of the sort. The woman lived a busy life, she simply did not have time for lectures and seminars.

The American woman entered Northern Illinois University back in 1951. She chose the “home economics” specialty. The lady was a very young student when she met the love of her life and got married.

Three children appeared one after the other in the marriage. The young mother of many children had no one to leave them with, and she postponed her education.

Joyce Dafoe says she thought about going back to school when her children were older, but was unable to fulfill her dream. The thing is that the woman was widowed early.

Then she was not at all interested in studying. Time passed, the mother of many children let go of the loss and met her husband.

Feelings flared up again, the couple got married. 4 more children appeared in this marriage.

Only when all 7 children grew up and got on their feet did Joyce have time for herself. The woman did not regret at all that she could not finish the university, but decided to resume it and get a diploma.

Her grandchildren gave her a good laptop and taught her how to use it. Then Joyce first started looking at free online lectures. Later she started going to university.

3 years after her studies, she still managed to pass the exams and get a diploma. Just think, almost three quarters of a century have passed, and Joyce has not forgotten her dream and was able to graduate from university.

The woman became the best example and motivator for her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.


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