American woman received a postcard sent 100 years ago

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(ORDO NEWS) — In Michigan (USA), a woman along with bills and mail received a postcard that was sent almost 100 years ago. This case is reported by CNN.

Brittany Keach, 30, said she was surprised to find a postcard among her correspondence since no one is sending them now. However, she did not attach much importance to this find. It was only later that she noticed the postmark dated October 29, 1920.

The postcard, signed with the name Flossie Burgess, was sent to Brittany’s address, but a certain Roy McQueen was supposed to receive it. “Dear cousins, I hope this (postcard) finds you all well. We are doing quite well, but Mom has terribly sore knees. It’s terribly cold here. I have just finished my history lesson and will go to bed very soon. My father shaves, and my mother tells me your address. I have to stop for the night. Hope Grandma and Grandpa are okay. Do not forget to write to us ”, – written in the message. The postcard itself is decorated in honor of Halloween, it shows a black cat with a broom, a bat, a goose, an owl, and a woman with a cane.

The representative of the postal service explained to the TV channel that such cases are not always associated with errors in the work of the mail. It happens that old letters and postcards bought in antique stores, flea markets, or on the Internet are re-entered into the postal service database.

Brittany posted a photo of the postcard on social media to try to find relatives of Burgess or McQueen or someone who might know their families.

Earlier, a family from the Australian city of Brisbane, Queensland, bought a used mobile home and found a note inside, hidden by a ten-year-old girl Poppy. The letter was addressed to the future owners of the van, which in the past belonged to her parents. The message was posted on social media and went viral.


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