American scientists warned of a new pandemic, more dangerous than COVID-19

(ORDO NEWS) — Experts warned about the Nipah virus, the mortality rate from which ranges from 45-75%. It is this infection that can provoke a deadly pandemic in the future.

All facets of the virus have been studied by scientists from the University of Kentucky. As the head of the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry Rebecca Dutch noted, the Nipah virus is definitely mutating, becoming more infectious.

As practice has shown, the spread of the virus around the world is a matter of 2-3 weeks. This is facilitated by air travel and world trade. Those infected may not have any symptoms, making it difficult to control the spread of the virus.

Symptoms include severe cerebral edema, seizures, and vomiting. This is not the entire list. The incubation period reaches 45 days. Research has also shown that Nipah can generate a huge number of mutations, due to which it adapts better to the human body.

Infection in humans can come from bats, pigs and mangoes. In 1999, millions of pigs were killed to stop an outbreak of a dangerous disease.


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