American scientists figured out why fish fell from the sky in Texas

(ORDO NEWS) — Two independent American researchers believe that they managed to find an explanation for the strange phenomenon – to find out what made the fish fall from the sky in the small Texas town of Texarkana at the end of last year.

In their opinion, it’s not the tornadoes sucking fish from reservoirs that are to blame, but the regurgitation of birds. An article about this was published by The Dallas Morning News.

Many residents of the East Texas city were shocked in late December last year when they found fish (later identified as herring) strewn across streets, homes and cars after the storm.

This is not the first time that there have been reports of fish falling from the sky, and some experts are trying to explain these phenomena by saying that waterspouts pick up fish or other marine life and carry them over long distances.

However, meteorologists from the National Weather Service reported at the time that no suitable weather phenomena were observed near Texarkana at that time.

Now Sharon Hill, a geologist and independent explorer from Pennsylvania, and Paul Cropper, a writer from Australia, have shared their findings on what else it could have been. They argue that this is most likely a flock of birds that unanimously burped a fish flying over the city.

d that she and Cropper spoke to locals who claimed to have seen cormorants around the same time that the fish were falling from the sky. In addition, there were conversations with officials at the Texarkana Regional Airport, who mentioned that cormorants often fly near this facility.

“They usually arrive in the morning,” said Paul Merlich, chief executive of the regional airport. “They move between two different lakes that are in this region, and sometimes hundreds of individuals appear here at the same time.”

The researchers claim that before putting forward a new unusual explanation, they went through all the other possible options, including the mass draw. This excluded only frankly paranormal explanations.


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