American researchers have found out why women around the world are increasingly refusing marriage

(ORDO NEWS) — The average age at marriage is steadily rising, and more and more women around the world are refusing to marry and have children. American researchers tried to answer the question why this happens.

The average age of women entering into marriage is constantly growing: if in the 1950s 20-year-old brides were commonplace.

There is also a noticeable increase in the number of people who have abandoned marriage altogether: over the past ten years, the number of registered marriages has noticeably decreased, while the number of divorces has remained at the same level.

As reported on the information website of the University of Houston (USA), in the course of the study, scientists analyzed the life histories and histories of marriages of women around the world, covering several years, or even decades.

This made it possible to compare the obtained data with the cultural and social situation in the country and to identify the main reasons why women find themselves out of life in relationships with a permanent partner.

It turned out that the main reasons why women prefer celibacy are quite simple: independence, the ability to have multiple sexual partners, increased career opportunities and greater security (recall that every year thousands of women die at the hands of their husbands as a result of domestic violence).

Instead of entering into a permanent relationship with one partner, women satisfy their needs for emotional intimacy through close and tender friendships, as well as through communication with family and friends.

At the same time, the authors of the study emphasize that their results do not support or condemn women who have abandoned marriage. Instead, they suggest reflecting on the fact that seeing women’s marriage as the only correct, “natural” state of affairs can be erroneous.

Since a woman today is quite self-sufficient, her partner will have to offer her something more than a shared wallet and the opportunity to raise children so that she gives up her independence in order to enter into a registered relationship.


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