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American psychiatrist gave Putin a terrible diagnosis

American psychiatrist gave Putin a terrible diagnosis

Vladimir Putin

(ORDO NEWS) — James Fallon is sure that Vladimir Putin poses a serious threat to the whole world, because when he feels that he can lose everything, then there is a high probability of using nuclear weapons.

For several years, a psychiatrist from the University of California has been monitoring the President of the Russian Federation in order to give him the correct diagnosis.

It is worth noting that Fallon specializes in psychopathic personality disorders. He additionally communicated with the heads of different countries and studied information about the upbringing of the Russian dictator.

The specialist said that psychopaths are trying to find weakness in their victim. They practically do not feel any emotions, but they can very well see other people’s fears, feelings and desires.

Due to this, psychopaths begin to manipulate their chosen victims for money, a certain reaction, or simply enjoy the fact that they can control a person or his behavior.

Putin, in turn, does not allow the enemy to get stronger and strikes when his victim is most vulnerable.

The psychiatrist added that the head of the Russian Federation can be attributed to malignant daffodils. At the same time, he clearly manifests sadistic inclinations.

The reason for this was not only numerous childhood traumas, but also the collapse of the Soviet Union, as a result of which Ukraine became independent. Hitler experienced something similar when he was young.

At the same time, Putin has all the signs that point to a clouding of reason.

Previously, the President of Russia behaved very well in public, but now it is difficult for him to control himself. It is very difficult to predict Putin’s further actions, because he is rapidly losing his adequacy.

Psychopaths are distinguished by the fact that they can go to any lengths to get what they want, which the Russian dictator is already doing now. Therefore, no one can guarantee that nuclear weapons will not be used.


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