American priest had a near-death experience and ended up in hell

(ORDO NEWS) — American priest Gerald Johnson claims to have had a near-death experience during a heart attack and made a horrific journey to hell.

Johnson suffered a heart attack in February 2016. He believes that at that moment his spirit left the body and descended into hell, getting there through the very center of the Earth. According to the priest, there he saw things that defy description.

Johnson spoke of a man who walked on all fours like a dog and was burned from head to toe: “His eyes were bulging and worse, he had chains around his neck.

He looked like a hellhound. The chains were held by a demon.”

Johnson also heard upbeat and upbeat music there, including American pop singer Rihanna’s Umbrella and jazz singer Bobby McFerrin’s Don’t Worry, Be Happy. In hell, people were tortured with these songs.

Despite the terrible memories, the priest says he benefited from the experience. He realized that he needed to forgive the people who offended him, instead of hoping that they would be punished.

Earlier, the American neurosurgeon Eben Alexander spoke about the visions that appeared to him during his stay in a coma.

After that, he set out to prove the existence of paradise. Alexander claims that, according to medical reports, his visions could not have been a dream or hallucinations.


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