American physicist told why people should not contact aliens

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists from different parts of the world have been pondering for a long time about whether people should take the first step in establishing contact with alien civilizations. According to American physicist Michio Kaku, aliens may not be evil, but they do not care about people.

The specialist is sure that sooner or later we will find extraterrestrial life, but in no case should we come into contact with it.

The James Webb Telescope will soon begin its work. He will explore thousands of planets, so the chances of finding humanoids are high. Some colleagues of the theoretical physicist think that people should make themselves known, but this is a bad idea. Everyone knows the story of Montezuma when he met Cortez in Mexico.

Cortez with his troops completely exterminated the unarmed Aztecs, their blood flowed like a river. With a high degree of probability, the civilizations that we may find will be head and shoulders above. They are unlikely to show condescension.

Most likely, they will start a campaign to take away our lands and the planet as a whole. People, if they want to live, should not shout about their existence.

At the same time, Michio Kaku does not believe that aliens can be evil. Rather, they won’t give a damn about us.


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