American pastor believes the coronavirus vaccine is the “mark of the beast”

(ORDO NEWS) — Jack Hibbs is the pastor who supports the current president of America, Donald Trump. He believes the coronavirus vaccine will be used to control the public. Thus, people “will accept the mark of the beast” and one of the most terrible prophecies in the Bible will begin to come true.

The pastor began during his sermon to compare vaccination with other methods of protection during a pandemic – washing hands, using antiseptics and masks. Jack Hibbs also added that the COVID-19 vaccine will become a mark on the body, which, as the prophecy says, will be delivered to all people during the end of the world.

Newly elected President Joe Biden has begun to announce that coronavirus vaccinations will not be mandatory nationwide. But employers and school directors can require their employees and students to be vaccinated.

The “mark of the beast” is mentioned in chapter 13, verse 18 of the Bible book of Revelation. Experts interpreted this verse in different ways. Some believe that the sign in the literal sense of the word means a tattoo or, for example, some kind of identification marker. Others are more inclined to believe that this is a commitment to the monetary system or to a secular government. A small number of experts suggested that the number 666 could mean a certain numerical code that refers to a certain time period or a world leader.

According to the church’s official website, Hibbs and his church do not support same-sex marriage, they believe that transgender people should not receive medical care, and comprehensive sex education should be prohibited in schools.


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