American military spoke about a special fighter Versions F-16

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(ORDO NEWS) — Major Garrett Schmitz spoke about the F-16C Block 50 fighter, which was nicknamed Venom in honor of the anti-hero from the Marvel Universe.

The military explained that the fighter has a non-standard configuration compared to the F-16, as well as an engine with increased thrust.

This was done so that the aircraft could effectively perform demonstration flights. In essence, this is a “sports” version of the fighter. It is reported that the F-16C Block 50 can take off at a speed of 120-130 km / h instead of 156 km / h and switch to supersonic flight without using afterburner.

Interestingly, the fighter will be able to continue flying even in the event of an engine failure, all thanks to the presence of an EPU emergency power plant running on hydrazine. In addition, MRLS launchers are permanently located at the ends of the F-16’s wings, which ensure the stability of the aircraft.


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