American hid for 10 years that he won $ 55 million in the lottery

(ORDO NEWS) — A man from California, now 67 years old, won $ 55 million in the lottery. It happened 10 years ago, but all this time he carefully concealed the truth and did not tell anyone about such an impressive win.

The millionaire shared his winnings with Quentin Fottrell, editor at Market Watch. The letter to the personal finance columnist was anonymous. The man asked if he did the right thing. It was important for him to get the opinion of an experienced analyst.

The letter said that the parents of the man who won the lottery had long since died. Of his relatives, he only has a sister, but he has not kept in touch with her for a long time. The millionaire also added that if the sister found out about the win, she would begin to demand that he donate at least half to charity. The man decided that he would not share with anyone and would spend everything only on himself. Even his close friends did not know about such a big win. Perhaps the same would be true for many others in that situation, especially if they had won a large bet on sites that showcases, as context is vital to get to the truth of the matter.

Either way, it seems that despite this win their lifestyle did not change too much. The lucky man said that he spends very little. He has no parents or children. He also does not help his sister with money, because neither she nor her husband cause any positive emotions in a man. He does not remember the last time they had a normal conversation. Most likely, it was over ten years ago.

The man bought a luxurious house and a car with the money he won. At the same time, he told all his acquaintances that he was renting them.


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