American claims to have seen a strange creature that looks like a tree

(ORDO NEWS) — In August 2022, a very strange message came to the National UFO Reporting Center (USA), but it only hit the local media a few weeks ago.

According to an eyewitness who wished to remain anonymous, the incident occurred on the morning of August 3, 2022 in the city of Oxford, when he was walking home.

“I own a little over 5 hectares of forest.

I was driving past my house when a two-legged creature about 1.3 meters tall and almost as wide as my thigh ran past.

My height is 1.70 and my weight is 64 kg, so I am not very big.”

The witness froze in place as the mysterious creature “ran out of the woods, crossed the road and ran in the direction of the other part of the woods.”

“The creature was brown, with slender legs and tiny arms, and was generally shaped like a small tree.

There was no skin or hair.

When he ran, he didn’t move like most animals. His legs moved as if he were pedaling a bicycle,” the eyewitness described.

The distance between the creature and the eyewitness was only a few meters, so the man got a good look at it and insists that it really looked like “a tree with small legs and arms.”

He describes that the creature did not have visually “any visible curves of the body, hips or shoulders”, that it was very thin, moved “easily and lightly, like a feather”, and ran as if it “did not even touch the ground”.

It is noteworthy that the witness also noted that the strange “creature not only moved absolutely silently, but that its presence apparently caused silence in the area, since none of the birds or other animals nearby made a sound at that moment”.

Unfortunately, the witness was only able to catch a glimpse of the creature’s back and side, and not its face, although he noted that it “had neither a tail, nor ears, nor any other body parts that an animal or ordinary person. I don’t know if he was an alien, but I don’t know what else he could be.”

He also added that no alien ships were seen in the area, although he admitted he did not look around the forest after seeing the creature running.


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