American chemists have discovered that life could arise on the surface of a drop of water

(ORDO NEWS) — Almost all hypotheses about the origin of life suggest that it first happened in the ocean. However, the chemistry of this process was unknown to the scientific community for many years.

Meanwhile, scientists from the American Purdue University have revealed the mechanism of spontaneous formation of peptides.

Peptides are molecules essential for the origin of life. The article says that they could appear on the surface of water droplets.

In the place where the droplets converge with the atmosphere, there are rapid reactions. As a result, amino acids are converted into proteins – the main “building material” of organisms.

Scientists have spent more than ten years studying. With the help of special equipment, they found that the reactions in water drops are much faster compared to the same processes in bulk rasters.

From this, chemists concluded that life could have originated on the surface of a drop of water.


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