American chemists disproved one of the theories of the origin of life on Earth

(ORDO NEWS) — Chemists from Purdue University in the United States disproved the theory of the origin of life in the ocean and proved that this requires a combination of water and air.

Scientists have found that peptide bonds – the basis of proteins – are better formed at the border between water and air. The ideal environment is sea spray.

The conversion of amino acids into peptides in microdroplets is several times faster than in traditional solutions, since there is no need for catalysts, complex organic ingredients and additional exposure in the form of radiation or electrical discharges.

Protein can be obtained from amino acids, and then the first living cell, which will have the ability to reproduce itself.

Scientists believe that the discovery can be used to accelerate the synthesis of complex organic substances and the development of new drugs.

In October, scientist Svante Paabo received the Nobel Prize in Medicine for his study of the extinct hominin genome and human evolution.

Paabo made a “sensational discovery” of an extinct hominid, Denisovan Man, based on genetic material he obtained from a single finger bone.

The scientist found that the transmission of genes passed from this species to Homo sapiens.


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