American astronaut spoke about an unusual feeling in space

(ORDO NEWS) — In an interview with Kingsport, the Tennessee Times-News, astronaut Barry “Butch” Wilmore described the spiritual experience he had while outside the International Space Station (ISS) on his third flight in 2014.

Wilmore was with another astronaut outside the space station when he came across a reflective, unused radiator.

“I turned around and saw myself from head to toe in this mirror,” says the astronaut.

“For the first time I saw myself in a spacesuit. It was amazing.”

He lifted his visor and for the first time in space peered into his own face. Then he glanced over his shoulder at the station.

“There was a very, very black sky all around with a blazing sun contrasting with the beauty of the land and the contrast of colors,” Wilmore said.

“And at about that moment, I looked down at the earth and saw Hawaii passing by…

The beauty of the contrast of the island and the blue water and the clouds, and the blackness of space and the space station.

It’s sensory overload, mesmerizing, just amazing,” he continued.

“I look back at this guy in the reflection and think, ‘How did you get here?

As noted by the Times-News, Wilmore is a devout Christian, and he told the newspaper that he felt how the experienced feeling turned into religious reverence.

“I was there because the Lord, for His purposes, allowed me to be there and let me see it all,” Wilmore described.


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