America loses in propaganda war with China

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Recently, you hear a huge amount of statistics about the disease. Much of this information is interesting, but something very informative.

But most often the following statement appears in the headlines of our media: in America there are more infected and dead than in China.

“The United States today ranks first in the world in the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus infection,” announced the New York Times. “Due to a series of miscalculations, the country is now at the epicenter of a pandemic.”

Further, the newspaper contrasts the inept actions of the American leadership in a crisis, namely Donald Trump, the operational and efficient work of the Chinese Communist Party. In other words, although the virus appeared in China, it was quickly taken under control there. But we are not. This is the essence of the message.

And such signals are not only the New York Times. Last week, the same story could be seen and heard almost everywhere, and always on the same topic: China coped with the coronavirus, but we cannot. Thus, in terms of the formation of public opinion, the Chinese government won a major victory, and today it is a lot.

When the pandemic subsides, a reboot of the world order is certain to happen. Power over the world will be available to anyone who wants it: the international financial system, trade agreements, military alliances, and maritime communications. China will want to run it all.

But at the moment, the Chinese cannot capture this award by force. They need to present their reasons to the world, and that is what China is now doing. The Chinese say: we are competent. And the Americans are clowns, and the numbers prove it. It’s time to drive America away. This is the signal from the Chinese government. So it says.

It is amazing how many people in the West are ready to help them with this. At 10 a.m. on January 23, the Chinese authorities closed the city of Wuhan, where, of course, the first outbreak of coronavirus infection was detected. But by then it was already too late. By that time, approximately five million people in Wuhan had already left the city and traveled around the world. Many brought the disease with them.

Very soon it became clear to everyone who was indifferent that the duplicity and criminal incompetence of the Chinese authorities could kill a lot of people. However, the World Health Organization has the exact opposite view.

On February 3, the WHO Director-General announced that China is managing the coronavirus as well as possible. Tedros Adan Gebreisus said: “During my visit to Beijing last week, I was impressed by the meeting with Chairman Xi, his deep knowledge of the epidemic and his personal leadership. If not for the efforts of China, the number of cases outside this country would have been much greater. There is no need for measures that unnecessarily interfere with international trade and travel abroad.”

“China is doing great.” This refrain sounded for several weeks.

While the pandemic was gaining momentum and spreading around the world, WHO was busy with the heroization of China. Ah, if not for the efforts of the Chinese authorities, then more people would die.

After only six weeks, China, by magic, proclaimed victory over the epidemic. Not surprisingly, the WHO Director was also there to celebrate this event and confirm this statement.

Tewodros Adane Gebreisus: “Of course, today we have good, good news. For the first time since the outbreak, there was not a single new case in Wuhan yesterday. Wuhan gives the world hope that even the most pernicious situation can be reversed. ”

He said that Wuhan is a hope for the whole world.

The American media was very impressed. They began to repeat the statement of China, without subjecting it to doubts and checks.

On March 18, Bloomberg News reported that the number of infections in China dropped to zero. The reliable shout of the Chinese government, The Global Times, contrasted the Chinese miracle with the American disaster. “American cities like New York have become the most dangerous place in the world today,” the newspaper said on March 24.

For the brainless party fanatics in the ranks of the American media, this was a story that could not be resisted, especially seven months before the presidential election. So they gleefully joined the others.

Unidentified voice-over: “The coronavirus pandemic continues to wreak havoc around the world, and the United States has overtaken everyone by reporting over one hundred thousand confirmed cases of the disease. They overtook China and Italy in the most perverse form of the Trump slogan “America is ahead of everyone.”

Clear? Trump is bad. Trump rules America. America’s humiliation is good. That is the verdict.

Is there a media establishment in the world that is easier to manage than ours? These people many years ago lost the ability to think clearly. Now they have only reflexes. Whatever Donald Trump does, they are against. They are like dogs: you cook a cheeseburger, and they drool. And they can’t do anything about it.

In this familiar repetition cycle, there is no discussion about how real the vaunted Chinese coronavirus statistics are. In short, this is not true. This is a fake, like so much that is made in China, starting with faux leather handbags and ending with official human rights reports.

The question is how false they are. But this is unclear. Since January, the Chinese media have been under the most severe control of the authorities, and this says something. Journalists are being arrested. In social networks, stripping is carried out. We have little reliable information about what is happening there.

We know that totalitarian states control their populations more effectively than our loose democracies. For example, when quarantine began in Wuhan, there were reports that the police locked entire families outside the apartments, and after a few weeks they were found dead there – in full force.

Such tactics will definitely help slow down the spread of the epidemic, but by how much? That is the question. So let’s use common sense, at least for a moment.

In January, approximately five million people left Wuhan City. China allowed these people, one and all, to disperse around the world, and they turned the outbreak into a global pandemic. That’s how it was. Nevertheless, China claims that almost none of these people traveled to the largest Chinese cities and carried the disease there. That is his position.

On Thursday, a report appeared in Chinese state media that only one new case of coronavirus infection was noted in Beijing. The press release says that the infected person is not from China, but from the United States.

The report claims that only 416 people were infected in Beijing. Of these, 394 have already been discharged from the hospital. In other words, in a city with a population of 22 million, only 22 hospitalized patients became infected inside China, the country where the epidemic began.

That is, literally one out of a million people. Can you believe that? Western media believed. And they repeat it as a fact.

But the Chinese government clearly understood that this was not so. The very next day, it closed all cinemas in the country. Two days ago, on Monday, the Shanghai authorities closed two main city attractions: the Shanghai Tower skyscraper and the Oriental Pearl television tower. Closed indefinitely. So do not act the authorities, who believe that they have tamed the epidemic. No, this is evidence of fear.

We must all be afraid. China is the largest country in the world. When China distorts the most important data, for example, how many people are infected and how many die, this directly affects how the rest of the world will respond to the disease.

We lost a few months, believing in what turned out to be untrue. You will have to pay dearly for this. But we should be more worried about what will happen next.

China sees this as a struggle for power over the world. Impeachment does not distract him; he does not distract debates about pronouns. The Chinese think big. This is their advantage. This is our doom.

This is a propaganda war with historical long-term consequences. And while we are seriously losing it.


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