Amazon unveils Alexa feature that mimics the voices of the dead

(ORDO NEWS) — Amazon has unveiled an experimental Alexa feature that allows an AI assistant to mimic the voices of users’ deceased relatives.

The company showcased the feature at its annual MARS conference, showing a video of a child asking Alexa to read a bedtime story in the voice of their deceased grandmother.

“As you saw in this case, instead of the voice of Alexa reading a book, it’s the voice of the child’s grandmother,” said Rohit Prasad, Amazon’s chief AI scientist at Alexa.

Prasad introduced the video, saying that adding “humanity” to AI systems is becoming increasingly important “in this time of ongoing pandemic when so many of us have lost someone we love.”

“While the AI ​​cannot eliminate the pain of loss, it can definitely make the memories last longer,” Prasad said. The demo itself can be viewed below:


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