Amazon began to warm the Earth’s atmosphere, not cool it

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(ORDO NEWS) — All this time, the Amazon forest has been a major carbon sink, but now, apparently, the situation has changed. According to a new study, droughts and felling of trees have led to the release of greenhouse gases, the vegetation cannot cope with their processing.

The Amazon warms up the atmosphere rather than cools it down. A group of 30 scientists are confident that the observed effect will only intensify. In addition, the jungle can no longer be relied on to compensate for the emissions of harmful gases generated by human activities.

The importance of the new study is that the experts took into account all the greenhouse gases that circulate through the Amazon. It was found that the impact of the Amazonian forest on the planet’s climate is enormous.

The forest is now shrinking at such a rate that soon it will not absorb carbon at all. Illegal logging will also lead to a drier ecosystem in the region.

Carbon is not the only important factor in global warming. For example, the climate is influenced by gases such as nitrous oxide and methane. They do not last as long as CO 2 , but they heat the environment many times faster.


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