Amazing galaxy isolated itself in a cosmic void

(ORDO NEWS) — KK 246, also known as ESO 461-036, is a dwarf irregular galaxy, and ESA aptly described this picture as “glitter spilled through a black velvet sheet.”

This lonely galaxy is actually ejected, at high speeds, from a vast empty area of ​​space called the Local Void.

Usually we do not see galaxies isolated like this. And although the picture seems to be full of galaxies surrounding KK 246, they actually lie far beyond this void and form part of other groups or clusters of galaxies.

Cosmic voids are spaces within the structure of the Universe where there are very few or no galaxies. In fact, KK 246 / ESO 461-36 is the only known galaxy that is likely to be in Local Void.

Most galaxies are surrounded by a swarm of satellite galaxies and are themselves enclosed in larger clusters, called clusters or clusters. These large concentrations of galaxies are part of even larger structures of the Universe – galactic filaments and layers that contain millions of galaxies.

Between these huge walls of galaxies lie areas that are very sparsely populated – they are known as cosmic voids.

Near our Local Group of galaxies is a relatively empty area of ​​space, Local Void. The void extends for 150 million light years. For comparison, our own Milky Way galaxy extends for 150,000 light-years, which makes this void vast in its nothingness.

The larger and “emptier” the void, the weaker its gravity, because of which everything inside the void escapes in the direction of accumulation of matter.

A study in 2019 showed that the KK 246 does fly very fast at a speed of 350 km / s.


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