Amateur astronomer captures UFO passing through Earth’s atmosphere

(ORDO NEWS) — Last month, on October 10, amateur astronomer Eric saw something mysterious through a telescope. when he scanned the sky for unidentified flying objects.

When he looked at the night sky, an object suddenly appeared, which, unlike a meteorite descending to Earth, rose into space at high speed, leaving a very noticeable trail.

And that is not all. Immediately, the bright mysterious light of an object sweeping towards the Earth blinds the observer.

In the slow motion video, you can see this blinding light filling the view. The falling object does not look normal and is not a meteor.

Amateur astronomer captures UFO passing through Earths atmosphere 2

What can we face? Could it be a decaying satellite? Or, on the contrary, an alien ship is approaching our planet?

These are the questions we ask ourselves as we look at this amazing recording made by an amateur astronomer. We believe that our friend from Belgium managed to capture a real UFO .

According to him, the probability that we collided with the plane is too low. The meteor is also unlikely, as it did not have a light tail as it re-entered the atmosphere.

Ufologists believe that in the coming weeks we will see more of these images, and these frames clearly show that aliens are among us.


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