Amateur archaeologist finds out the exact location of the Holy Grail

(ORDO NEWS) — Barry-John Bauer of Sandford has spent many years researching the connection between the Holy Grail and the order of monks. He is confident that the Knights Templar returned the cup back to England during their next trip to the Holy Land.

The amateur archaeologist added that the Holy Grail, along with many other Templar treasures, is in a well-hidden crypt located next to the dam on the Duke of Northumberland’s river. He is also going to show the exact location of this crypt in the near future.

Together with the Environmental Protection Agency, the archaeologist plans to investigate the river bed, which he believes will actually be hollow. Special geophysical equipment will study the land under the river after it is drained in 2021.

The man does not talk about why he believes that the Grail is located exactly in the place indicated by him. In his interview, he only added that for such conclusions he has several reasons at the same time. At the same time, Bauer is not going to tell anything yet, so that other archaeologists would not have time to use the information provided. He will tell everything only after his own research is completed.


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