Aluminum batteries are more efficient and safer than lithium-ion: an industry revolution

(ORDO NEWS) — Physicists say that batteries based on aluminum ions are much more efficient and environmentally friendly than lithium batteries that are popular today.

Progress cannot be stopped, and today we all depend on batteries, whether we like it or not. Everything from smartphones to cars requires a battery to run.

However, modern lithium-ion batteries have a number of obvious drawbacks, but the modernized type of aluminum battery is in many ways superior to the modern standard.

The main advantage of aluminum batteries is the relatively low production costs and the use of materials that are abundant on our planet and are readily available.

This means that a person does not have to destroy entire ecosystems and spend huge resources in order to obtain materials for their manufacture.

First of all, this concept is suitable for large-scale energy systems – for example, for areas where it is possible to extract energy from renewable sources and it needs to be stored somewhere.

In addition to the shortage of lithium, manufacturers of classic lithium-ion batteries also face the problem of using cobalt, a metal potentially hazardous to humans.

If industrialists succeed in switching to aluminum, then we will become noticeably less dependent on fossil fuels, and the process of manufacturing and recycling batteries will be noticeably simplified.

Aluminum batteries are more efficient and safer than lithium ion an industry revolution 2
Diagram of an aluminum battery

Physicist Patrick Johansson of the Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden also noted that the new type of battery has twice the energy capacity of those types of aluminum batteries that already exist on the market.

The concept itself is not innovative, but if earlier graphite was used as a cathode, now it has been replaced by anthraquinone.

However, even the developers themselves admit that their invention has room for development. This is especially true of the electrolyte – a chemical mixture that stimulates the movement of ions between the cathode and anode.

Aluminum is, in principle, a better charge carrier than lithium, Johanson says, because it is multivalent and “each ion compensates for a few electrons.”


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