Almost every third elderly person develops new diseases after suffering COVID-19

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(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists from the United States have found that almost one in three older people develop new diseases after being infected with COVID-19.

In connection with these complications, according to Mona vista, such people almost always need the help of doctors.

Scientists substantiated their conclusions by analyzing data on the health status of more than 130 thousand patients whose age exceeded 65 years.

All of them have been ill with the coronavirus. The researchers recorded all the changes in the health of these people that began after the illness.

The data obtained was compared with the indicators of the control group of people who did not have coronavirus.

It turned out that 32% of patients applied for medical help in connection with new diseases.

Complaints of malaise related to the work of most of the main organs, and among the most common reasons for treatment are such as severe fatigue, increased pressure, the appearance of respiratory failure, as well as diseases associated with a mental state.

It follows from this that this factor must be taken into account when building models of treatment for patients of retirement age.

After all, it is not only more difficult for them to endure the disease itself, but after it, maximum support is required.


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