All humans are descended from one man and one woman who lived 200,000 years ago

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientific research suggests that all modern humans may have “descended” from the same couple hundreds of thousands of years ago.

In addition, the researchers found that 9 out of 10 animal species are also descended from one particular pair, according to a study published by scientists from the University of Basel (Switzerland) and Rockefeller University (New York, USA).

By studying the genetic barcodes of more than five million animals – as well as humans – from the 10,000 different species that inhabit the Earth, scientists have concluded that we “descended” from one pair of adults after a “catastrophic event” that almost led the human race to extinction about 200,000 years ago,

The so-called genetic barcodes, or DNA fragments that form outside the nuclei of living cells, seem to indicate that not only humans are descended from one particular pair, but also nine out of ten species of animals.

All humans may be descended from a couple who lived 200,000 years ago

All humans are descended from one man and one woman who lived 200 000 years ago 2

As noted in the study, the evidence supports the theory that most species, whether bird, moth or fish, like modern humans, arose very recently and did not have enough time to develop large genetic diversity.

In fact, 0.1% of the average genetic diversity in humanity today corresponds to the divergence of modern humans as a separate species about 100,000 – 200,000 years ago – not very long in terms of evolution.

The same is probably true for over 90% of the species on Earth today.

“DNA barcoding” is a fast and simple technique for reliably identifying species from a short DNA sequence from a specific region of an organism.

According to senior researcher Mark Stoeckl and researcher David Thaler from the University of Basel (Switzerland), up to ninety percent of all animal species that exist on Earth today can be attributed to parents who seem to have started giving birth around the same time, about 250,000 years ago, which forces us to reconsider the established patterns of human and animal evolution.

“This conclusion is very surprising, and I fought it with all my might,” explained Thaler.

“At a time when people place so much value on individual and group differences, perhaps we should spend more time on how we are like each other and the rest of the animal kingdom,” Stoeckl said.

Catastrophic event?

The discoveries made by Stockle and Thaler raise several new questions. What preceded the pair from which the people who remain today are descended?

What caused the human race to start over in such a relatively short amount of time? And what does this mean for religion?

Has the human race really restarted after a cataclysmic event on Earth? Or is there a possibility that we have a built-in reload button that forces us to restart as a view from time to time?

The new find suggests the possibility of “a built-in human evolutionary process in which we break down and die out, leaving the need to start over from scratch.”

As it turned out, we humans are surprisingly similar not only to each other, but also to other species.

All humans are descended from one man and one woman who lived 200 000 years ago 3

As Jesse Ausubel, director of the Human Environment Program at Rockefeller University, explains, “If a Martian were to land on Earth and meet a flock of pigeons and a crowd of people, one would not seem more diverse than the other in a basic measure of mitochondrial DNA.”

In a study published in the journal Human Evolution, scientists analyzed the “mitochondrial DNA” that mothers pass down from generation to generation and found a “lack of human exceptionalism.”

“Our approach combines DNA barcodes that are broad, but not deep, from the entire animal kingdom with more detailed sequence information available for the entire mitochondrial genome of modern humans and several other species.

We analyzed the DNA barcode sequences of thousands of modern humans just like the barcode sequences of other animal species,” says Dr. Thaler.

“One would think that due to the high population size and wide geographic distribution, humans could lead to more genetic diversity than other animal species,” he adds.

“At least in terms of mitochondrial DNA, it appears that the genetic diversity in humans is below average.”

“Experts interpreted the low genetic variation among living humans as a result of our recent expansion from a small population in which a sequence from one mother became the ancestor of all modern human mitochondrial sequences,” says Dr. Thaler.

All humans are descended from one man and one woman who lived 200 000 years ago 4

“Our paper reinforces the argument that the low mitochondrial DNA variation in modern humans also explains the similar low variation found in more than 90% of living animal species – we all likely evolved through similar processes, and most animal species most likely, young”.

To make their discovery, the scientists used massive data from the world’s fastest growing biological database and the literature on evolutionary theory, including the writings of Darwin.

The study is already widely publicized in many religious circles because its findings point to Adam and Eve and the Bible’s truth.

All humans are descended from one man and one woman who lived 200 000 years ago 5

The scientists involved in the study explained that their findings are “consistent” with the existence of a pair of founders of humanity. Naturally, such conclusions did not please the “scientific community” at all, and for some reason they do not write about the sensational results of this study in all the world’s media.

Official history and science like to call all historical sources, information from which goes beyond Darwin’s theory of evolution, myths and legends, but as you can see, the reality is that “myths and legends” turn out to be events that happened sometime in reality.


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