Aliens can receive energy from black holes

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The scientific world has long held the theory that alien civilizations are able to use black holes as a power source. As it became known, experts were able to verify this experimentally.

A series of successful experiments ended in the laboratory complex of Glasgow. Back in 1969, a British physicist Roger Penrose was thinking about getting energy by lowering an object into the ergosphere of a black hole. The ergosphere is the outer layer of the horizon in which the body moves faster than the speed of light in order to stay in one place.

According to the theory, the body receives energy with a minus sign. If you separate it and place one part in the hole and save the second for recovery, then the action of bestowal could measure the loss of negative energy. The element that was restored would receive a “portion” of energy from the rotation of the black hole.

Experts from the University of Glasgow conducted relevant experiments. They “twisted” the sound waves that hit the metal cylinder, rotated with a certain intensity and reflected with additional energy, which was received from the rotating cylinder. Scientists also used a ring of speakers and a sound absorber made of foam in the form of a disk.

The rotation of the disk was regulated by microphones behind this element; they analyzed the sound volume and its frequency. The more often the disc spun, the lower the sound. After a while he could even be heard.

Then followed again the rise, only already with a volume of more than 30%. Sound pickup is explained by its shift from the positive frequency range to the negative. When sound waves had a negative frequency, they took a fraction of the energy from the disk.


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