Aliens can move the planets of the solar system, say astronomers

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(ORDO NEWS) — Planetary scientist Matthew Clement of the Carnegie Institution’s Earth and Planetary Laboratory and colleagues claim that aliens can signal their presence to us by moving the planets.

Experts say that an alien civilization can organize entire solar systems of planets. They can also bombard moons and planets with asteroids to change their orbits and signify their presence, planetary scientists say.

According to astronomer Matthew Clement, this massive planetary reshuffle will provide an opportunity for extraterrestrials to announce their presence to us.

Clement and his colleagues suggest that a sufficiently powerful and motivated alien civilization could create entire solar systems with planets.

Planetologists believe that this can be done using an object the size of an asteroid.

To do this, it will be enough to direct it to the correct course in order to influence other planets with gravitational impacts, gradually transferring them to other orbits.

Aliens can move the planets of the solar system say astronomers 2

“It’s really happening,” Clement says in an interview with Inverse.

“We’re confident that the solar system’s giant planets have moved around significantly since their formation as they repeatedly collided with debris and objects like Pluto.”

Scientists believe that this is not entirely from the realm of science fiction.

Clement says there’s already strong speculation about using gravitational jolts from another small object to steer the asteroid into a closer mining orbit.

And we are already using the same principle to launch spacecraft into more distant orbits (or send them out of the solar system).

“It would take millions of years for a single asteroid, or several asteroids, to move a planet this far,” Clement says. That’s an order of magnitude longer than our species has existed.

“But if you’re a more advanced civilization, you might be able to think in terms of millions of years.”

A technologically advanced alien culture might find a way to apply gravity to an entire planet to change its orbit.

While it’s hard for us to imagine how to do that, Clement says that in terms of clean energy needs, any civilization technologically savvy enough to harness most or all of its star’s energy could do so in just over two Earth years.

“It is worth considering that any civilization can designate itself by transmitting information only for a short period of time,” says Clement.

“Some technologies may outlive their creators – for example, our radio transmissions will be propagated in space long after we are gone, and Lageos satellites (a pair of laser reflectors in very stable orbits 5900 kilometers above Earth) will probably remain in orbit longer. than the Earth will remain habitable.


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