Aliens are likely to look and behave like us

(ORDO NEWS) — Alien life, if it exists at all, is likely to be like us, says a leading scientist. He also believes that aliens share our human weaknesses – greed, violence and exploitation of other people.

Professor Simon Conway Morris of the University of Cambridge argues that aliens most likely evolved in the same way as “earthlings”, and therefore to some extent resemble us in head, limbs and body.

Unfortunately, they also have our flaws and vices, which can make them dangerous if they ever visit us on Earth.

The evolutionary paleobiologist’s beliefs mean that science fiction films like Star Wars and Star Trek may be more accurate than ever imagined in depicting alien life.

Professor Conway Morris believes that extraterrestrial life is likely to arise on a planet similar to our own, with organisms created from the same biochemicals. The evolutionary process will even shape alien life in a similar way, he added.

“It’s hard to imagine that evolution on alien planets would be different,” he said.

“After all, the options are surprisingly limited. I don’t think an alien will be a ball. If aliens exist, they had to evolve just like us. They have to have eyes and walk on two legs.”

“In short, if there is life there, then it is most likely very similar to us.”

Extraterrestrial beings may not only be like us, but also have our flaws, such as greed, violence and a tendency to exploit other people’s resources, says Professor Conway Morris.

They can fly in peace, but at the same time look for a place to live, as well as water, minerals and fuel.

However, he also believes that since most of the universe is older than us, they should have evolved further, and we should have heard about them by now.

“It’s time for them to appear,” he said.


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