Aliens are already living on Earth. Scientists discouraged by the theory of the biosphere invisible to humans

(ORDO NEWS) — There was an incident in Birmingham the other day. Someone Stevie Hall, using the Google service, was looking for parking near the pub, where he was going for the weekend.

Suddenly, in the crowd (it was photographed by the Google robot along with the streets and alleys back in April), he discovered a monster. The man had a green face, a huge beard, he stood and looked straight into the camera.

Stevie was terribly frightened and began to look for such masks for sale – maybe for Halloween, although it seems to be out of season.

There were no such masks. Moreover, Stevie was struck that other people did not seem to notice a strange passerby.

Incidents like these (some of which are fake, but not this one) reinforce the popular conspiracy theory.

Allegedly, aliens have been living among us for a long time, but we do not notice them, because they hypnotize us. But on the cameras they are in their real form.

Revelations of the “star woman”

Unexpectedly, Helen Sharman, a British astronaut, added fuel to the fire. She flew to the Mir station together with Anatoly Artsebarsky and Sergey Krikalev back in 1991. In an interview, she stated that she also believes that aliens are right here. But we don’t see them.

“They, like you and me, are made of carbon and nitrogen? Probably no. Maybe they’re here right now and we just can’t see them.”

– Helen Sharman

Retired cosmonauts have a lot to say, and this interview would go unnoticed. But astrobiologist Samantha Rolfe, chief technical officer at the Bayfordbury Observatory, came out with a lengthy op-ed to support Helen and talk about how science sees it.

In her opinion, there is a kind of “shadow biosphere” in which other, including intelligent, organisms can hide right under our noses.

What is the shadow hiding?

She begins by saying that the concept of “life” is not so simple. There are at least a hundred ways to separate the living from the non-living. People rely on their intuition. For example, we wouldn’t call a 3D printer alive, even though it does a lot of what is considered alive. But intuition can fail.

She further develops the idea of ​​a “shadow biosphere”.


The term “shadow biosphere” was coined by scientists Carol Cland and Shelley Copley in 2005.

The hypothesis suggests that the current version of life on Earth is not the first. But previous versions partially survived.

Such organisms have no evolutionary links with modern ones. First of all, these are microbes.

We study microbes by their biochemical manifestations. But ancient microbes do not have such manifestations.

Also, RNA-based organisms (and not DNA, like us) will be invisible, because they do not contain ribosomes (for us, this is the sign of the living). There are a lot of options for such a hidden life.

Samantha clings to the fact that the “shadow biosphere” is invisible to scientists. But what does “invisible” mean? If an RNA-based creature is put under a microscope, a scientist might mistake it for a grain of sand, as it would not meet our criteria for “alive.” So what if she moves?

Decide that it is being pushed by molecular forces (Brownian motion). What if it reproduces? Think it’s just a chemical process.

But the most important thing: most likely, such creatures simply will not fall under our microscope: in order to find something, we must look for it, but we are not looking for it.

“By the shadow biosphere, I don’t mean the realm of ghosts, but the world of unknown creatures, probably with a different biochemistry.

This means that we cannot study them or even notice them, because they are beyond our understanding.

Assuming it exists, such a shadow biosphere is likely to be microscopic.”

– Samantha Rolf

Stone thinking

Samantha herself seems to be the most promising direction in the search for life based on silicon. Almost the entire Earth is made of silicon, but life on Earth uses deliberately rare chemical elements like carbon.

A few years ago, chemists at the California Institute of Technology essentially revived silicon by crossing common bacteria and this mineral. Thus, silicon-based life is indeed possible, she believes.

Thus, a prominent astrobiologist said nothing about the fact that aliens can walk the streets and hypnotize us. Conspiracy theorists are disappointed. But she said a little more, and it’s very interesting:

– a certain civilization was here before us, and something remains of it;

Meteorites are constantly falling to Earth. Some of them may be literally alive;

– living stones are not from Scandinavian folklore, this is probably a reality.

And if these stones are also thinking? The next time you look at beautiful pebbles on a beach, think about it.


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