Alien Starchild Skull

(ORDO NEWS) — It was back in the 1930s when an American teenager discovered an abandoned mining tunnel in the Copper Canyon region of Mexico.

Inside it, he found a human skeleton and, holding his hand, the arm bone of another skeleton, buried mostly underground.

In 1999, the unusual skull, estimated to be 900 years old, was handed over to researcher Lloyd Pye for study after medical officials were unable to identify a disease that could explain its appearance. The skull became known as the Starchild skull.

The analysis showed that the Starchild’s skull contains unusual reinforcing fibers, the brain is 30% larger than that of a normal human of the same size, the frontal sinuses are absent, the eye sockets are shallow, and the entire skull has more than 10 standard deviations from the human norm.

In 2010, the Starchild Project gained access to a high-tech DNA laboratory capable of repairing the DNA of non-human beings. Preliminary DNA analysis has shown that a significant portion of the DNA in the skull is not human.

The gene fragment that was extracted from the skull and analyzed is 211 base pairs long (out of 2,594 base pairs). And here is the incredible result of the analysis.

While all normal people have exactly the same base pairs, there were 56 variations in the Starchild gene in its fragment!

To understand the significance of this fact, we can say that in the rhesus monkey, only 2 out of 211 base pairs contain non-human variations. If it were a mouse, then 20. If it were a dog, then 27.

To put this into perspective, let’s imagine that in life, the Starchild was indeed some unknown humanoid.


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