Alien spaceship found in Kuiper belt

(ORDO NEWS) — In the spring of 2016, the high-tech New Horizons spacecraft, developed by NASA, reached the most distant and unexplored location in the solar system – the Kuiper belt.

Undefined object  

The probe recorded the presence of an unidentified body, which was moving along a strange trajectory. Scientists named the object Araun. This name was given to the ruler of the other world in Welsh mythology. And, of course, it is not associated with anything positive. And, I must say, this body was called Araun for a reason.

Alien spaceship found in Kuiper belt

New Horizons was able to capture the fact that an unidentified object is moving at a very high speed. Araun should have disintegrated, but remained unharmed.

At the same time, he was filled with light, then completely plunged into darkness. Based on all this, scientists have concluded that, unlike all bodies that are in the Kuiper belt, Araun does not consist of stones or ice. This is a much stronger and stronger substance, because at such a high speed with which it moves, the object remains intact and unharmed.

Unexpected breakdown 

After the device fixed a strange object, it flew closer to it in order to properly study it.

At this moment, the researchers drew attention to the high speed with which Araun rotated, forming its own gravitational field. Suddenly, the probe went out of order, ceasing to record at least anything. The cause of the breakdown remained unclear. The situation is extremely strange and it provoked a lot of questions. Perhaps someone watched the movement of the earth’s equipment and deliberately disabled it? If so, what was the reason for this someone choosing to stop NASA from completing the mission?

Extraterrestrial spaceship 

Of course, no one ruled out the version that Araun was not just some kind of body, but a real spaceship. Especially when you consider the strange things that happened in “New Horizon”.

It can be unambiguously argued that if this hypothesis is confirmed, then the creatures that live on Araun cannot resemble people. Because for us, the rotation speed of an unidentified object would be low to recreate artificial gravity.

There is a version that the inhabitants of this body do not need gravity at all. These creatures can hide in Araun, because it is people who are watching. Indeed, in the Kuiper belt there are many objects at a great distance from each other with low illumination levels.

If these creatures do not need gravity to exist, then it is very dangerous for them to be near the Earth. After all, if they are on our planet or similar to it, they will be flattened.

How the story ended 

When the “New Horizons” flew away from Araun, then in a strange way all the sensors became operational again. Scientists managed to get pictures of this strange space object. This made it possible to more accurately understand where exactly he is. But this did not fundamentally change the situation.


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