Alien race Apexians, how the religion they created kept us in slavery for 25,000 years

(ORDO NEWS) — The Apexians are an alien race of reptilians. Although they are soulless, they are highly intelligent beings. They are united by a common collective mind, as a result of which each of them has a great intelligence within this collective mind. Their communities are organized in the same way as communities of social insects: ants, bees or termites, the life of each of which directly depends on the functioning of the whole family. In primates, as in ants, group interests are higher than individual ones. That is why they are united in their steps.

The Apexians, 24,000 years ago, treated humans as slaves and humans worked for them. Full of evidence: exploited quarries, mines and everything else. It really was human nature, it was like biological food for them.

  • Today they are no more.
  • Thanks to the Anunnaki, humanity was freed from slavery.
  • Thanks to the Anunnaki, humanity turned to them, and it was they who made the decision – they intervened, and there was no one.

Again, they only intervened to protect humanity from the outside world so that there would be no outside people to enslave us.

Why don’t they openly attack us?

But, according to the laws of Meru, they have no right to interfere in our lives. They have no right to decide who will rule us here and how we will build our lives. We must develop, and our own choice depends only on us. Will we live or not.

Apexians have no right to interfere and change our climatic conditions, they have no right to interfere and forbid us from entering into a nuclear war. Because it’s a human choice. And climate change is the result of our actions along with yours. This cycle repeats itself, and it is worth considering why it repeats itself. Because we don’t change. We should be like this.

Apexians 2

Their social structure

This general consciousness of the social animal forms the aggregate that governs the life of the entire community, and the more individuals there are, the stronger the aggregate becomes. In such a community, each person observes a strict hierarchy and goes about his own business. Without such a family, a person dies. There is a critical number of individuals after which they lose their individuality and begin to act as an organism. On their own, they are not very smart, but together they create amazing architectural designs and solve the most difficult problems.

What one or a hundred people cannot do, thousands can do. Scientists call them super-organisms, using the term “quorum sensing.” Primates, like ants, had a complex, well-organized organization that allowed them to unite and direct the efforts of thousands and even millions of people to fulfill their main task – to ensure the existence and prosperity of their population, for which they had to constantly multiply and capture new territories. 25,000 years ago they colonized the earthlings because even today we are technologically incomparable to them.

Unlike us, the Apexians are in level 4 civilization.

This includes access to free energy and the possibility of interstellar travel without wasting time. As they conquered planets, the Apexians enslaved and exploited their inhabitants. Hence the huge quarries of unknown origin on our planet. If not for the help of another alien race, the Anunnaki, we would still be in a state of enslavement.

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The road was obviously artificial.

Apekos built quarries and used people as slave labor.

The most interesting thing is that on all the planets colonized by the Apexians, there was an established procedure for bringing religion to the conquered races, and we will explain why they did this and for what purpose.

Apexians 6

Our soul is the source of the energy of the universe

The truth is that humanoid beings are not only animate, but also alive. The soul is a particle of God’s world temporarily enclosed in a human body. Since ancient times, it has been known that while a person is alive, he has the opportunity to gain eternal life through merging with the soul. This has been said in religion as well.

As long as a person is alive, the soul is a source of the purest primordial energy, on the basis of which the entire Universe is created. This energy is called Allat, but in religions it is called differently: divine grace, the gift of the Holy Spirit, etc.

The soul energetically nourishes and gives life to a person in life. The power of a person’s attention as a living being is of great importance in the Universe, and since he directs his attention to certain objects in this material world, this power emanating from the soul transforms into anti-Allat. Anti-Arat is also known as the Viril Force. It is the most valuable currency in the universe.

The soul of a person is his chance to grab hold of eternity in temporal existence. Geographically, it is located in the human chest or solar plexus.

Apexian colonization of our planet

Apexians 7

Let’s look at the Apex colonization of our planet. The planet is inhabited by intelligent beings who are not only spiritualized, but also alive, therefore they are the source of Allat, and in this world, as we have already said, there is nothing more valuable than Allat. And in order to force people to give it voluntarily, it was necessary to come up with something.

Where people get together and generate emotions: at concerts, sporting events, concerts, there is a generation of this force. But you can’t do that kind of gig every day because you get bored and the excitement of the crowd disappears. In addition, men stop feeding them when they return home from the show, while the man must constantly attract their attention, like a cow gives her milk, and he must constantly transfer this energy to their treasury.

You can keep a person in fear and in an emotional state, but any fear becomes tiresome, and in the end, if a person is very scared, he stops being afraid, which means he stops paying attention. Given their level of development, with millions of planets having been colonized by them before, it’s only natural that they developed ways to work with humanoid beings like us.

Therefore, the easiest option is to elevate yourself to the status of gods, create a religion where everyone is obliged to pray to them, and not just pray, but go to the temple several times a day, diligently, every week. So, by the way, domed churches appeared and much more that we see now.

Apexians 8 Apexians 9

Creating a religion to control people

The main purpose of the Apexians in creating their religion was to divert attention from man. Religion is a practical plan to enslave humanoids. Even when we now enter our temples, the people there do not demand the salvation of their souls, it is their own salvation or the salvation of their personality. They ask for material goods, using only the echoes of knowledge that the Apex brought here over 25,000 years ago. And they used this tool to rob people and deceive them, but not to lead them to God. As Igor Mikhailovich Danilov says in the program “Code of the Apekos Code of the Supreme People”:

They could not lead people to God by becoming soulless beings.” Heaven is not a zoo, and even very intelligent animals do not belong there.”

Rescue of the Earthlings by the Anunnaki

Apexians 10

Therefore, one must understand that religion in itself is not a spiritual path, and that if a person is a member of any religion, this does not mean that he goes to God. But at the same time, all religions have a spiritual path. Many people have passed this way in different religions. This is because there have always been prophets on our earth who left those grains of truth that everyone who travels to God is looking for. And if we take the Anunnaki race, then it was she who saved humanity from the yoke of the Apexians, where there was no religion. They were all spiritual beings who created the Garden of Eden on their planet many billions of years ago.

Naturally, they did not have wars and destruction, because they protected themselves from backward humanoid races like us. But, being backward, we have a soul – our potential, a portal, a particle of spiritual growth, which, if we knew it, could give us great opportunities in this world and in the world of God.

For the earthly mortal, the achievement of eternal life is the main goal and task of his life. If the world left to us by the Prophet were to be established on earth, where all people would be spiritual beings, it would be an ideal society. Therefore, let’s build the Creative Society as a kind of springboard for the transition to an ideal society. After all, people really want to live in a world where they live according to God’s laws, and not according to the laws of Satan.


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