Alien mummies with three fingers from Peru

(ORDO NEWS) — For quite a long time, experts have been arguing about the remains that were discovered near the Nazca plateau. The experts were shown six mummies, which were found by a local farmer.

The remains were found in one of the caves, which is located in the mountains adjacent to the world famous Nazca plateau. These remains had a very strange appearance.

The mummies had only three long fingers and toes, which were of different sizes. One of the mummies was female, the other was an infant girl. Four more mummies were some kind of incomprehensible aliens, whose height was only 70 cm.

Mummies with three fingers from Peru 2

Soon a genetic analysis was made, which showed that the DNA of the female and infant mummies is human. But at the same time, it was impossible to explain their strange appearance. Some experts said that mummies are mutations or even aliens, especially those that were small in size.

Mummies quickly became popular all over the world. Interest in them was also fueled by the country by the shape of the arms and legs, which more resembled the remains of fins. X-rays showed that the fingers are indeed an extension of the bones and are not fake. But then another study was carried out, which showed that there are articular surfaces for the five metatarsals on the feet.

This usually occurs in all healthy people. At the same time, the joints with three long fingers are carefully smeared, which indicates a fake, and not a mutation. In addition, many more metacarpal bones were found in the hand of the mummy than is usually found in living things. This simply cannot be.

Also, a lot of questions were raised by the face of a female mummy, which looked more like a mask. Experts have not met such a thing before and therefore are completely sure that mummies are nothing more than original fakes.


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