Alien creature thrown on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico

(ORDO NEWS) — In the Gulf of Mexico, Texas residents discovered a lump of an incomprehensible substance that stood out alive. The strange creature was washed aground. Conspiracy theorists immediately began to build their theories, but in the end, scientists destroyed all guesses.

The underwater creature was small and did not bite. The people who discovered the “alien” did not bother with him for a long time, but called a specialist from the Department of Wildlife. An employee of the organization named Julia Halen glanced at the find and identified it almost immediately. The theories of conspiracy theorists were quickly dispelled to smithereens.

As it turned out, the waves washed away the bearded seal, which is a species of sea snail. In length, the animal can reach no more than 20 centimeters. It feeds on algae and plankton, so it is always found in places where there is a lot of food. There are a lot of sea hares in the bays of Texas.

Julia decided to post a photo of the creation on the Internet. People immediately started writing about an alien lump that was moving. Of course, all their speculations were soon dispelled. It is worth noting that the post attracted quite a few people. Julia also posted a video of the bearded seal on YouTube.

After a short photo session, the animal went back into the water. Julia is glad that she managed to show people an “alien” something that has completely earthly roots.


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