Alien civilizations may travel on orphan planets

(ORDO NEWS) — Mysterious signal Wow! could come from a civilization moving into a new star system “on board” a free-floating planet – dark and almost invisible.

No star can shine forever, endlessly maintaining stable conditions on their planets. A civilization that manages to survive and develop long enough will sooner or later face this problem, and it will need to “move” to a new suitable place.

In science fiction, huge interstellar ships are often built for this, but in general, you can get by with a more economical means of transportation – free-flying planets. Moving from one star system to another, they are able to deliver entire civilizations to a new home.

Orphan planets are not uncommon in our Galaxy. A random game of gravity can throw them away from the mother system, sending them on a long free flight. Such planets are not illuminated by a nearby star and remain almost invisible to our instruments, so even estimates of their abundance remain very approximate.

Nevertheless, sometimes they can be noticed : for example, at the time of the passage of the planet against the background of more distant luminaries. Orphan planets can keep moons and oceans below the surface, so theoretically they could even be habitable.

In a new paper, Houston Community College astrophysicist Irina Romanovskaya has suggested that an alien civilization preparing to “move” could use a passing orphan planet to jump onto it and embark on the long journey to a new star system.

Suitable worlds may also appear in the mother system itself, if a change in a dying star throws one of its planets away.

In addition, a fully developed civilization is capable of creating an orphan planet itself: for this, it is enough to use one of the large objects on the periphery of the planetary system, giving it an appropriate acceleration.

In the absence of radiation from the mother star, the main source of energy on such a planet can be controlled thermonuclear fusion.

The construction of dwellings and infrastructure under the surface will protect against the deadly cosmic radiation. Having reached the goal, you can move to a more suitable planet, or you can put your orphan planet into a stable orbit around a new star.

The search for such traveling civilizations must be different from traditional sightings in search of alien intelligence. It is theoretically possible to see the technological evidence of their existence, but not to see the planet itself.

Romanovskaya recalls the famous Wow! , which was registered in 1977 and has not been repeated since. The nature of the signal remains a mystery, and even the source of the signal is not exactly localized . Perhaps precisely because it is almost indistinguishable and moves quickly.


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