Alien civilizations can send us interstellar quantum messages

(ORDO NEWS) — We may be misreading alien signals, researchers say. An intelligent alien civilization could send quantum messages to Earth.

If aliens wanted to send us messages from 30 light years away, they could use X-rays and quantum technology.

On Earth, researchers have already encoded information in the quantum states of light particles, or photons.

Using the special properties of photons, they transmitted this information reliably. Research teams have been sending data to other labs around the world – as proof of concept for a quantum internet – and to satellites orbiting the Earth.

Intelligent aliens, if they exist, could also use quantum communication, says theoretical physicist Arjun Berera.

The main obstacle to quantum communication is decoherence, in which a quantum particle loses its quantization when interacting with the environment.

“Quantum states that you usually think of are very fragile, and if there is any external interaction, you kind of destroy this state “, says Berera.

According to the new study, quantum communication can work at vast distances in space – not only between solar systems, but also between galaxies.

If this is true, then if we had a way to capture such messages, we could potentially be aware of the whole intergalactic network of messages from all over the universe.


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