ALARM: The temperature on Earth will rise by 1 degree after 5 years

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(ORDO NEWS) — The World Meteorological Organization has announced a disappointing verdict: the Paris Climate Agreement is unlikely to be feasible. Globally, temperature will rise not by the end of the century, as previously thought, but after five years.

After calculations, the experts concluded that the chances of a temperature increase of 1.5 ° C are 1 to 5. By 2024, an increase of 1 ° C is expected compared with the pre-industrial era. There are risks that in a certain year the increase will generally amount to 1.5 ° C.

Disappointing forecasts were made after analyzing data from more than a dozen meteorological centers scattered around the world (USA, Britain, China, Australia). Scientists have taken into account both natural climate changes and anthropogenic impact on nature.

Expert estimates do not mean that the Paris Agreement does not make sense: it so far only shows how people came close to that point of no return, when everything around begins to degrade and collapse.

The Arctic will heat up most quickly, and the number of storms in the Atlantic Ocean will increase. In 2020, arid weather is expected in South America and Australia compared to the same periods of the past years.

The earth has already warmed up by 1 ° С in comparison with the pre-industrial era. Soon, an increase of 2 ° C. 2019 has already become the hottest ever recorded. Perhaps 2020 will break all records. This will become known at the next UN report. It is not known what the situation will be at the end of the century. All hope for cyclical climate fluctuations when, for a number of reasons, colder weather sets in.


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