Airbus first took the A380 on 100% biofuel into the air

(ORDO NEWS) — To reduce its carbon footprint, Airbus has created a giant A380 powered by 100 percent biofuel. Now the liner took to the air for the first time.

The tests of the liner were successful, so, perhaps, very soon we will be able to fly on environmentally friendly aircraft. Greta Thunberg will be happy

This is the third Airbus aircraft to fly on an environmentally friendly fuel, consisting mainly of vegetable oil. The company is now working on certifying the technology to make it mainstream by the end of the decade.

The aircraft the company has shown testing is an Airbus ZEROe – A380 demonstrator adapted for use as a flying testbed and one that the company plans to also use to test hydrogen jet engines.

What we know about the biofuel-powered Airbus A380

For this particular flight, the aircraft was fueled with 27 tons of environmentally friendly aviation fuel made primarily from vegetable oil and other fatty food waste.

Such fuel powered the A380 Rolls-Royce Trent 900 engine during a three-hour test flight from Blagnac Airport in Toulouse, France on March 28. As part of the second flight on March 29, the plane landed at Nice airport.

This demonstration follows the successful flights of the Airbus A350 and Airbus A319neo single-body aircraft using biofuel last year. The use of this sustainable fuel to power the world’s largest passenger jet marks another step forward for Airbus, which aims to bring the world’s first zero-emission aircraft to market by 2035.


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