Airbus A320 flight

(ORDO NEWS) — A breathtaking video shows the incredible beauty of flying over Europe on an Airbus A320 passenger liner through the eyes of its pilots.

The Airbus A320 narrow-body passenger aircraft was the first to receive a fly-by-wire control system back in 1988.

A feature of the liner was the most advanced cockpit by the standards of those years.

Instead of the usual mechanical pointer instruments, information about the position of the aircraft, its engines and other units is displayed on six dashboard screens.

The classic aircraft controls on the A320 have been replaced by side joysticks, the signals from which are processed by the on-board computer.

The high level of aircraft control automation made it possible to limit the number of Airbus A320 crew members to only two pilots.

Which at the same time can enjoy magnificent views from the windows of the cabin, flying over Europe!


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