AI Claude successfully passed the exam in jurisprudence

(ORDO NEWS) — The famous ChatGPT neural network has a competitor.

An artificial intelligence (AI) called Claude, developed by research firm Anthropic, scored high in an online law and economics exam at George Mason University (USA).

Anthropic started testing Claude at the end of last year, and even then AI was hailed as a worthy competitor to ChatGPT, the OpenAI artificial intelligence text generator that literally conquered the entire Internet.

At the moment, the company limits public access to its AI and tests the system only as part of closed beta testing.

As reported by Insider, Claude has already impressed researchers with his ability to provide amazingly detailed answers to complex questions.

In one law exam question, Claude was able to give plausible recommendations on how to change intellectual property laws.

“The goal should be to make intellectual property laws less restrictive and enable the public to access more works,” AI concluded.

“But it’s important to continue to provide some incentives and compensation to creators of works for a limited period of time.”


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