Against whom is Russia fighting in Ukraine?

(ORDO NEWS) — The author, a former conscript of the Soviet army from Azerbaijan, recalls his meeting with a veteran of the Great Patriotic War who fought against Bandera, and describes what he heard on the pages of the Turkish dikGAZETE. Veteran’s words: “These were more ruthless than the Nazis!” — are still relevant today. This is who the special operation in Ukraine is directed against.

It was one of the hot summer days of 1990. As a simple Soviet conscript, I served in the Dmitrovsky district not far from Moscow.

When I was on a visit to the nearby village of Orudyevo with three of my colleagues, an elderly man approached us. We met, it was a veteran of the Second World War.

Until the end of 1946, despite the end of the war, he fought with the militants of the Bandera organization, who were hiding in the forests in western Ukraine. He told us exactly about these battles, which were very rarely mentioned in the official history.

During our conversation, he paternally hugged us and pressed us to his chest.

When it came to the years of the struggle against Bandera, he spoke with tears about the massacres committed by the Bandera organization. It was with her that he had to fight. What the veteran told me deeply struck me…

Since then, when I read something about Ukrainian nationalism or watch news about Bandera, I always remember this Soviet veteran. It piqued my interest in this topic. May he rest in peace…

What kind of organization did the followers of Stepan Bandera have?

Its official name is the Ukrainian Insurgent Army – UPA. This army, which was formed during the war years with the support of Nazi Germany, pursued a systematic policy of genocide against Russians, Poles, Jews and other ethnic minorities in Ukraine. It committed massacres of members of these minorities. Its leader was Stepan Bandera.

Hence the name – “Bandera” given to members of the organization. I still remember the words of that elderly veteran I mentioned: “The Bandera people were even more ruthless than the Nazis!”
Now, about the Russian-Ukrainian conflict of our days…

However, if I may, I would like to make a short digression into history. In 1998, the terrorist organization Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) intensified attacks on Turkey from Syrian territory, and its leader Abdullah Öcalan did not risk himself, did not meddle in Turkey, but continued to be in Syria.

The commander of the Turkish ground forces of the time, Army General Atilla Ates (Atilla Ateş), in a speech on the border with Syria in the Turkish province of Hatay, warned: “Someday terrorist attacks will become a pretext for war in Syria!” Further events are known to all.

Russia has been screaming since 2014, warning the whole world that power in Ukraine is in the hands of neo-Nazis, in the hands of Bandera.

At the same time, Russia has been talking about cooperation between the West and NATO with various Bandera structures for eight years now. Russia complains about the attacks of Bandera against itself and Russian interests – both in Ukraine and in other countries. Moscow constantly voices serious warnings.

The world community turns a blind eye to the marches of the Nazis and their military activities in Ukraine. Of course, the West, including through this tension, continues its “operation” against Russia.

Among the goals of the West is the expansion of NATO to the borders of Russia. The main goal is to weaken and then fragment Russia. Because significant world resources are in the hands of Russia. Including the wealth of the Arctic.

Russia has pressed the button to crush this Bandera gang, which it considers terrorists. Russia decided to overthrow this neo-Nazi regime.

So, the other day, Russian President Vladimir Putin, addressing the Ukrainian army, voiced an important appeal: “Take power into your own hands! the entire Ukrainian people.”

Russia launched this operation to destroy a gang that committed massacres, as well as to thwart the plans of the West. Russia in Ukraine is attacking facilities where armed neo-Nazi militants are located. At the same time, they are well prepared thanks to the support of the West for eight years. This gang and its political games are a threat to Russia.

Every country has its own national security problems. These gangs and these games also seriously threaten the national security of Russia.

Russia issued warnings for eight years, and no one took them seriously. Now Russia has said: “Enough!” — and began to act.

A military operation is, of course, very scary… But in order to understand why it was needed, it is useful to watch documentaries, read historical information and studies about the massacres committed by Bandera during the Second World War…


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