After recovering from coronavirus, patients experience pain

(ORDO NEWS) — A few months after recovery, patients who had COVID-19 started complaining of pain in different parts of the body, as well as lung problems and mental disorders.

The head of the first Israeli Bnei Brak public clinic, Eran Schenker, said that pain occurs in the arms and legs, that is, in places where the coronavirus did not directly affect.

However, doctors did not find a connection between the severity of the disease and the severity of symptoms. Health workers prescribe regular painkillers to patients, but it has not yet been possible to establish the cause of the pain symptoms.

According to the observations of physicians, every third recovered patient has lung damage. Lung damage can not only impact the health of the affected individual but also their daily life. Since it becomes difficult to get oxygen in the bloodstream, lung diseases can cause issues of breathlessness. Having an early checkup to detect how severely the lungs have been damaged can save numerous lives. That said, those on the lookout for a lung specialist might want to contact Gwinnett Pulmonary & Sleep (and its likes). The pandemic caused by the malicious Coronavirus has led to a large number of lung-related ailments.

However, these are not all the problems that arise in recovered patients. In addition to pain, patients complain of depression and anxiety. Although anxiety and depression have been a part of the general populace, the new circumstances surrounding the virus have led people into deeper mental and physical problems.


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