African woman accidentally gave birth to three children from her brother

(ORDO NEWS) — Mukandamage Domitila, now 44, said that her mother died a year after she gave birth to her. Literally a few years later, the woman was also left without a father.

The children went to live with different relatives, where they were brought up until they came of age. The family into which the Rwandan woman ended up said that she also had a brother, but the woman practically did not remember him.

Many years later, Mukandamage began working as a housekeeper. One day, after she finished her work, she met an attractive man in the capital.

They quickly got to talking and after a while realized that they fell in love with each other. Soon they were already living together. For all the time that the relationship lasted, the couple had three children.

The seed was destroyed due to the fact that not entirely pleasant news came from relatives. As it turned out, Domitila and her husband turned out to be actually brother and sister.

The life of a woman after that completely changed. She not only closed herself in the house, but even stopped walking on water.

Domitila told that people began to mock her children after they learned the news. Because of this, she made the difficult decision to leave her husband, who at the same time turned out to be her brother.

It’s been 5 years since the breakup. During all this time, the man did not even try to find his former lover or learn something about his own children.

The African woman lives in a house that was never completed. Her two children are very sick. She tried to find help and support from those people who would not be indifferent and would help with the construction, as well as with the treatment of children.


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