African continent will split into two parts, and a new ocean will appear in its place

(ORDO NEWS) — The future of the African continent will be unexpected and exciting – it will split into two different parts, between which a new ocean will appear.

Studies carried out on orbital research stations allowed scientists to notice the beginning of this process.

The reason for the future splitting of the continent will be a fault in the earth, located at the junction of three large tectonic plates – Nubian, Arabian and Somali.

This will lead to the fact that the second largest piece of land will be literally cut into two parts.

The new ocean that will appear between the new parts of the continent will have very impressive consequences for the countries of Africa.

Some countries, such as Uganda and Ethiopia, will have a new coastline that will expand their trading and other opportunities. The Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden will flood the Rift Valley and the Afar, becoming a new ocean.

However, these changes should not be expected in the near future, as the rate of growth of the fault is only a few millimeters per year. Therefore, the process of forming a new ocean can take more than one million years.

Such a large-scale phenomenon on Earth has not been observed for several hundred million years, ever since South America and Africa split into different continents.

The future of the African continent is not only the division into two parts, but also the opportunities for the country to develop and prosper in the next millions of years.


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