Afghan mathematician named the start date of World War III

(ORDO NEWS) — Sediq Afghan told what events await us in the near future.

Afghan mathematician Sediq Afgan is known for using numbers to predict future events. He deduced a special formula that is able to determine the iconic moments of history.

At one time, Sediq predicted the collapse of the USSR, the September 11 terrorist attack and the election of Barack Obama.

According to him, the Third World War will begin after 2025, and the next president of Russia will be a man born in 1972.

The topic of predicting the future has recently become very popular. We decided to talk about what awaits us in the near future in the program of Andrei Malakhov on the Russia 1 channel.

Mathematician Sediq Afghan is sure that Russia launched a special military operation on February 24 for a reason – the same number of regions are part of Ukraine.

But now Russia cannot retreat, otherwise the country may fall apart and NATO will attack it.

At the same time, World War III will not start in the coming years.

The scientist believes that a global conflict is possible only after 2055. Also, there will be no nuclear catastrophe, but the start of a cyber war is possible Sediq Afghan.

According to the mathematician, the next president of Russia will be born in 1972, and the country is expected to improve.

However, the problems will begin in the United States after 2025. The last president will come to power in America, and the country may split.

“The committee of 300 rules the world. There is currently no war between Russia and Ukraine.

Now there is a war between East and West – a war between the devil and the angel. America is a big devil,” Sediq said.

The mathematician predicts that the disintegration of the European Union will begin in 2023-2027. Due to the lack of resources, Europe will “fall at our feet.”

Many European countries will be forced to switch back to their national currencies. In addition, between 2023 and 2026, humanity will face a new pandemic.

“When I looked at the formula for the coronavirus, I stated that it is a biological and chemical weapon that is distributed using satellites in space. Scientists are developing a new virus,” he said.

Another guest of the studio, astrologer Tatyana Kalinina, said that a new pandemic will begin in 2038. According to her, the world may face several types of deadly viruses at once.

“Women of my age show the horoscopes of children who in 20-25 years will not be parents.

Either it will not be fashionable, or they will not be able to, ”the astrologer explained her arguments about the start of a new pandemic.

Tatyana Kalinina believes that the current US President Joe Biden will face serious tests in the second half of 2023, and the Russian special operation will move to a more intensive stage from January 26, 2023.

“We do not need to wait for peace and a quick agreement. Since the fall of 2023, a lot has changed in the world.

In October, there will be a landmark eclipse that will affect political and social factors, ”said the astrologer.

According to her, in the fall of 2023, the United States will begin a military operation that is beneficial for them and will begin to intervene more actively in European affairs.

The peace agreement between Russia and Ukraine will be concluded after December 1, 2025, and the winter of 2024 will be the turning point. After the crisis, there will be a détente and a result, she added.


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