Accidental Wealth: American couple gets $ 50 billion

(ORDO NEWS) — A couple from Louisina were shocked when they saw an incredible amount in their bank account. The spouses did not leave other people’s money and the man immediately turned to the bank, where he told about what had happened.

Reported by BR Proud.

Darren James was surprised by his wife’s call. She called and said that it was not clear where $ 50 billion came from in their account. The Americans admitted that they had never seen such a huge amount and so many zeros. They added that when they discovered the transfer, there was not even a thought to appropriate the money and not return it to its rightful owners. James contacted the bank, reported what had happened, and also asked where the funds came from in their account. The financial institution immediately began to correct the errors that had arisen, but where the money came from in the account of the American couple, they could not establish.

Recipients of deposits transferred by mistake cannot keep this money in their account. Typically, the bank sets the transaction data and then cancels it. If the owner of the account starts spending money, then he may even be criminally liable for this. It is worth noting that charges may vary from state to state. In most cases, this is the theft of property that was lost by mistake.

In February, Charles Schwab Corporation transferred $ 1.2 million to the account of Kelin Spadoni from Louisiana. A day after that, the company noticed that it had made a mistake. Authorities said the woman spent some of it to buy a house and a car. As a result, Kelin was prosecuted. She was accused not only of fraud, but also of theft. The woman was immediately fired from her job. At the same time, the company said that they were going to send money to the account of the company in which Spadoni worked, but an error occurred in the software that caused such a large transfer.


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