Acapulco residents are shocked: thousands of fish jumped ashore

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — On one of the beaches of Acapulco, live mackerel began to be thrown onto the shore. Local residents are shocked by what they saw, because nothing like this had happened before.

Officials assure that this is nothing more than a natural phenomenon, but no one believes in their version.

On April 22, the beach in the Pied de la Cuesta area was strewn with a huge amount of live mackerel. At the same time, the fish did not hurt anything and there were no dead individuals among it. Local residents, most of whom were unemployed due to the coronavirus pandemic, considered this a true divine blessing.

In turn, conspiracy theorists believe that this is a bad sign and nature, together with its inhabitants, cannot adapt to too rapid changes in the world. This is what causes them to die. It is worth noting that in local social networks, people have developed a real panic.

Some are convinced that the fish is infected with coronavirus. Other users thought that the mackerel did not have enough oxygen and soon Acapulco would turn into a “dead zone”.

Local officials are confident that the mackerel hunted for sardines and the pack did not calculate the strength of the jerk. Therefore, as a result, she was washed ashore in a big wave. Residents believe that officials are hiding the truth from them and the reason for the discharge of fish ashore is completely different.


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