About 9,000 people a day die from coronavirus in China

(ORDO NEWS) — Infectious disease experts at the British analytical company Airfinity estimate the possible death rate from coronavirus in China at 9,000 people a day.

COVID-19 began to spread across the PRC in November 2022 after the country’s authorities abandoned the “zero covid” policy, which included regular PCR testing of its population and the publication of data on asymptomatic cases of infection.

Airfinity believes that the cumulative number of deaths in China since December 1 this year has reached 100 thousand people. In their analysis, the experts used modeling based on data from Chinese provinces.

Experts expect the number of COVID-19 infections in China to peak on January 13 with 3.7 million new cases per day.

Airfinity expects that deaths from coronavirus infection in China will peak on January 23 and amount to about 25 thousand people a day, and from December the total number of deaths in the country will reach 584 thousand people.

The forecasts of British analysts are radically different from the data of the official health authorities of China, according to which no more than a few thousand people fall ill with coronavirus every day in the country, and the number of victims of coronavirus infection since the beginning of December is only 10 who died.


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