About 5,500 years ago, sustainable agriculture was already being developed in northern China

(ORDO NEWS) — The researchers found that around 5,500 years ago, people in what is now northern China were already developing sustainable agriculture by raising millet and pigs. The results of the study were published in the scientific journal Nature Sustainability.

Prior to this, scientists, based on carbon isotope data in the bones of domestic pigs, hypothesized that both pigs and humans in the Neolithic era in northern China consumed millet, i.e. between them in those days there was a competitive relationship for food.

A new discovery by Chinese researchers from Lanzhou University may disprove this hypothesis. They analyzed data from studies of phytoliths and starches from the remains of pig teeth and isotopes of millet grains excavated at the Dadiwan Neolithic site in Gansu Province (Northwest China), which is more than 5,500 years old.

They found that people at that time ate millet crops, fed the remains of the millet crop to pigs, and fertilized the fields in which they grew this crop with pig manure, indicating a sustainable approach in agriculture at that time.


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