About 4.5 thousand earthquakes occurred in Iceland in 10 days

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — On June 19, seismic activity began in Iceland, which has grown into continuous swarms of earthquakes. Seismologists have already counted 4,500 tremors.

Seismic activity is observed at one point and occurs in short waves, that is, short shocks regularly occur in a certain area. According to experts, such a picture may persist for months, not even weeks.

Seismographs began to signal sharply about the changed situation on June 19 in the area of ​​the village of Siglufjordur, which is located in the north-east of Iceland. It was here that some of the strongest shocks were recorded. Scientists counted them more than a thousand, the maximum magnitude did not exceed 5 points.

The Icelandic meteorological office monitors the situation. It reported that there was one push of 5.8 on the 21st.

It is known that earthquakes were felt by almost all citizens living in the north of the country. Experts do not exclude that in the near future the situation may worsen.

It is worth noting that the earthquake began almost immediately after scientists suggested a new eruption of a volcano called Grimsvotn, which is located in the south of the state. The last time the ash was released was in the spring of 2011. Experts note that this is a coincidence: because of the remoteness, the activity of the volcano could not provoke tremors in the north.

So far, nothing is threatening people, but the situation may change at any time. There are no technologies to predict earthquakes. The authorities urge citizens to be prepared for any turn of events. Tremors are dangerous, the strength of which is equal to or greater than 7 points. Everything below can only lead to the shaking of objects on the walls and the fall of poorly fixed things.


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