About 17 thousand earthquakes occurred in Iceland in a week

(ORDO NEWS) — The people of Iceland are used to earthquakes, but even they were surprised by the latest round-the-clock swarms. So, in the territory there were 17 thousand earthquakes, the strongest tremors with a magnitude of 5.6 were recorded on February 24.

A considerable magnitude also took place on February 27 and March 1. Iceland is a country that shudders on average a thousand times a year. Now the region of Europe is shaking almost continuously. None of the local residents of the age will remember anything like this.

So far, there is no information about serious damage to infrastructure. Only a few cracks on the roads are known. People have already begun to panic, because feeling the earth moving under their feet 24 hours a day is scary and frightening.

Residents who are not very scared by what is happening complain about sleep problems: they wake up at least twice a night. Experts fear that earthquakes may precede volcanic eruptions. Seismographs record the accumulation of magma under the earth’s cover. The eruption can occur on Mount Keilir. This volcano has been dormant for 800 years.


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